Implementos Malaguti

MALAGUTI is an international reference brand in the sector of equipment and implements for carrying out very special and specific tasks such as compaction of any surface, earth retention, soil drilling for fencing and forestry milling of stumps, among many other applications. and always using small construction machines like mini-excavators and skid steer loaders.

Cohidrex is a distributor of this Italian brand that manufactures implements for excavators, mini-excavators, backhoes, skid-steer loaders and front-end loaders.

Thanks to MALAGUTI, we have expanded our range of products and, therefore, the solutions that we can offer our customers so that they can obtain the greatest versatility and performance from their machines.

PLURY – 12 in 1 Multifunction

Malaguti Plury

Plury, a unique attachment that will allow you to compact, pre-drill, vibratory drive, extract, and cut.

Thanks to its vibration operation, this compact and versatile equipment is capable of efficiently performing the most demanding tasks it may face. Its compact and sturdy body make PLURY a highly reliable machine, and its wide range of easily interchangeable accessories allow you to adapt the equipment according to your needs, turning it into a multitasking solution that will increase your productivity. Available models cover a range of machines from 1 to 40 tonnes.

  • Marcador  Multifunctional Attachments
  • Marcador  Wide range of accessories
  • Marcador  Vibration drive with 1 or 2 eccentric masses


Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury

Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury
Malaguti Plury


Malaguti Plury

Malaguti Plury

TORNADO – Stump Grinder

Malaguti Plury

Tornado, stump grinder for excavators and front loaders, designed to work efficiently and quickly. 9 models available with optional front adapter attachment.

Its direct drive system with piston motor provides maximum cutting speed and, therefore, optimal productivity and efficiency. Leveraging its extremely resistant Tungsten Carbide teeth, TORNADO laterally oscillates, grinding down the stump until it is completely removed. It is ideal for milling hard-to-reach stumps, even on slopes. Available models cover a range of machines between 1.5 and 18 tonnes.

  • Marcador  Direct transmission
  • Marcador  Tungsten carbide teeth
  • Marcador  Suitable on difficult gradients
  • Marcador  Quick and effective

Vortex - Versatile Auger

Malaguti Plury

Vortex, an auger for excavators and front loaders, is easy to use and suitable for soil drilling, crushing, or breaking of logs. There are 5 models available with an optional front adapter attachment.

The auger can be equipped with different types of bits and extensions to carry out various tasks, from drilling into the ground to cutting and crushing roots and stumps. The flow reversing valve makes the hydraulic flow bidirectional for using the auger even in machines with a unidirectional system. Available models cover a range of machines between 1.2 and 25 tons.

  • Marcador  Highly versatile auger
  • Marcador  Can mount different types of bits and extensionsPuede montar diferentes tipos de brocas y extensiones
  • Marcador  From drilling to crushing roots


Malaguti Plury
Log splitter conical bit
Malaguti Plury
Stump grinder bit
Malaguti Plury
Bit shaft extensions

Malaguti Plury
Bit for soft ground/earth
Malaguti Plury
Bit for hard ground/rock
Malaguti Plury
Bit extensions with spiral

PileFix - Vibrodriver with clamp

Malaguti Plury

PileFix, a clamp vibrodriver, is suitable for driving and extracting sheet piles to form containment and waterproofing structures in various types of terrain. There are 3 different models available, with an optional TILT tilting system.

Vibration is the most efficient technique for inserting steel structures such as sheet piles, due to the high performance it offers in terrains of suitable consistency. Suitable for vibratory driving and extraction of sheet piles in different soil types 3 types of SHEET PILEFIX available

  • Marcador  Adecuado para la vibroconducción y extracción de tablestacas en diferentes tipos de suelo
  • Marcador  3 tipos de SHEET PILEFIX disponibles

Roller - Vibratory Compactor Roller

Malaguti Plury

Roller, , a vibratory compactor roller, is mainly suitable for road works, sidewalk, and bike lane construction. There are 4 models available with a universal coupling plate included.

The vibratory monoroller ensures fast and lasting work in roadworks, demolition, construction, and paving. The equipment provides great compaction force and astonishing precision and ease of use. Its roller mechanism allows compacting soil, asphalt, or concrete, thanks to its smooth drum, highly suitable for compacting works for road pavement preparation. 4 models available of various widths and with a universal coupling plate included.

  • Marcador  Great compaction force
  • Marcador  Available in four different widths
  • Marcador  Suitable for road works

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