Enganches giratorios ROTOTOP

ROTOTOP offers solutions that complement our constant pursuit of quality. All their product developments are based on personal experience and constant effort to simplify, speed up, and optimize work processes, benefiting both excavator operators in their daily work and entrepreneurs facing significant time and cost pressures to complete their projects as efficiently as possible.

Cohidrex is the exclusive distributor of HOLP ROTOTOP for Spain and Portugal. Manufactured in Germany by Holp GmbH, it features advanced technology, compact design, and maximum efficiency, surpassing any inclination for all types of excavators and widely used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.

Through ROTOTOP, we expand and enrich our variety of implements, which in turn broadens the solutions we can offer to our customers.

ROTOTOP - 360° Rotating Coupler

ROTOTOP is the quick coupler tool that allows any attachment to have 360-degree rotation, allowing, through the usual kinematics of the excavator, a flexibility of movements in the attachment never seen before.

This innovation translates into greater efficiency and versatility for the excavator: it can perform more tasks without moving, without changing its position, maximizing its range of action.

With virtually unlimited range of movements, it will greatly facilitate access to the most demanding jobs, providing versatility that translates into significant savings in time, fuel, and maintenance costs.

Its compact design also combines robustness and strength to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Works in hard-to-reach places without relocation.

The tedious repositioning of the excavator or changing of attachment tools is unproductive and therefore a nuisance for everyone involved. Work should be carried out quickly and precisely, ideally without having to move too much. That's how we see it.

That's why engineers sought a solution and developed ROTOTOP with its unlimited 360° rotation. It impresses with its compact design without protruding parts. The design is extremely low and therefore exhibits maximum breaking and tearing forces

Boost your performance with its compact and low-profile design.

In concrete terms, this means: In earthmoving jobs, you can achieve a performance increase of 10-25%, in sewer construction up to 30%. Even in forestry, increases of up to 50% are realistic when using ROTOTOP. This is due to the wide range of movements it allows, resulting in significant time savings and, consequently, a notable increase in performance.

ROTOTOP makes handling your attachment tools more sensitive and smoother, making working with the excavator more precise. This translates into time savings in manual work, reflected in an increase of up to 300%, as reported by our customers.

Three-year warranty, even for demanding applications.

Its design is so robust  that ROTOTOP  can outlast the lifetime of an excavator. . The hydraulic motor and all pipes are well protected by the housing.

The product's lifespan is also guaranteed by the seals of the tool system and the greased worm gear. The power is transmitted directly to the bearing through the mounting plate and is absorbed by the bolts. This design allows for a cost-effective overhaul of ROTOTOP for a second lifecycle of the excavator.

ROTOTOP has been designed in such a way that it is more than capable of withstanding extremely demanding long-term applications, such as rock cutting, hammering, or vibratory plating. This is why a three-year warranty or 3,000 hours of operation poses no risk for us.

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